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Sage Intacct Core Modules

Sage Intacct Core Modules

Give your business more power, flexibility, and insight

Sage Intacct
Core Modules

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting solution that helps you manage your finances with ease and efficiency. In addition to the six core modules, Sage Intacct also offers a library of additional modules that you can add to your core financials to automate and streamline key processes such as budgeting, project accounting, revenue recognition, and much more.

With Sage Intacct modules, you can tailor your system to suit your specific business needs and gain deeper insights into your performance. Whether you need to consolidate multiple entities, track, comply with complex revenue rules, or plan for the future, Sage Intacct has you covered.

Sage Intacct Core Modules

Dashboards & reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

Access powerful customised dashboards and reports that give you real-time insights into your business performance that assist you in making data-driven decisions.
Accounts Receivable - Green

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Streamline and define your own workflows and reduce billing errors. From creating and sending professional invoices to tracking payment statuses, improve your internal controls for effective accountability and compliance.
General Ledger - Purple

General Ledger

Journal entries, allocations, and customisable reporting empower your finance team to make data-driven decisions, streamline audits, and maintain an up-to-date overview of your company’s financial health.
Order Management

Order Management

Manage quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices. With intuitive features and real-time visibility into inventory levels and order statuses, streamline your sales cycle, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Cash Management

From bank reconciliations and fund transfers to cash positioning and investment tracking, Sage Intacct’s Cash Management module provides the tools necessary to optimise cash utilisation and minimise idle funds.


From generating purchase requisitions and creating purchase orders to tracking approvals and monitoring vendor performance, the Purchasing module offers end-to-end visibility into the procurement lifecycle.

Sage Intacct Additional Modules

Tailored to you

Benefit from an ERP system that offers you the flexibility to add modules as and when needed, creating seamless processes between departments.

By integrating with your existing systems, key information is automatically shared with Sage Intacct, providing a full overview of your operations.

Sage Intacct Training

Working closely with you to design a comprehensive training plan, together we can make sure you have the knowledge and insights needed to get the most from your Sage Intacct system.

Choosing from either full or half-day training on-site, or virtual training delivered in manageable portions, we have a variety of options available based on your business requirements.

If you'd like further training resources, our Sage experts will be more than happy to point you in the direction of useful links and additional materials.

Sage Intacct Support

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and what might be a critical issue for you won't be to someone else, which is why we prioritise customer support needs based on severity to the business in question. If an issue can't be dealt with remotely, we'll be more than happy to conduct a site visit to ensure the problem gets resolved.

Our support team always endeavours to fix any issues while you're on the phone, alternatively, you can log a support ticket via email if you would like us to contact you.

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Techsol Group welcome Sage Intacct to their solution portfolio

Techsol Group welcome Sage Intacct to their product portfolio

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