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Give your team the flexibility to access your data from anywhere, at any time.

Infrastructure as a

IaaS is a Cloud service where businesses can subscribe to servers in the Cloud. This means you no longer need to worry about the upfront costs, maintenance, or replacement of servers.

Iaas allows businesses to scale up or scale down resources efficiently. It’s a flexible and managed platform with predictable monthly costs.

IaaS is an ideal solution for businesses using legacy IT infrastructure looking to upgrade without the pricey outlay of traditional servers.

Flexible solutions for dynamic businesses

Easier to manage

Reduced reliance on on-premise infrastructure management

Improved reliability

Improved reliability as cloud services are distributed over multiple data centres

Always up to date

Services are always on the latest version

Lower up front costs

Reduced capital investment cycles and predictable monthly costs

Transition your business to IaaS

Techsol Group offers a Cloud Viability Assessment so we can fully understand your business needs and technical requirements. Our experts will perform a requirement review, and cloud scoping session as well as an assessment of your internal IT infrastructure to ensure we have all the information we need to design a bespoke roadmap and migration plan for your transition to the cloud.

If moving all of your business applications to the cloud is not right for you, Techsol Group also offer a hybrid cloud solution where you can choose to host parts of your business in the cloud and the rest of your applications can remain on premise.

How can IaaS benefit my business?

Ideal for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to manage their own cloud infrastructure, IaaS provides a number of key benefits.

With a predictable monthly cost, IaaS can help businesses budget and manage finances more efficiently while improving reliability. As cloud services are distributed over multiple data centres and always running on the latest version, businesses can harness the capabilities of the most up-to-date cloud solution.

IaaS also helps businesses reduce their reliance with on-premise servers and infrastructure management, modernising processes for a more dynamic operation.

Hybrid cloud

Moving all data to the Cloud isn’t always an option for businesses. Some legacy systems need to remain on-premise.

A hybrid solution places each of your IT applications in their ideal environment.

By adopting a hybrid approach, you maintain all of your IT systems whilst taking advantage of cloud services.

Hybrid cloud solutions also deliver greater flexibility, supporting both remote and office-based workers. By implementing a scalable hybrid cloud solution, your business can control the scalability of the system, whether you’d like increases or decreases in storage capacity.

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