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Document Management

Document Management

Improve accuracy, streamline processes, and go paperless, with a modern document management solution.


Most accounting departments not only receive but also produce hundreds or thousands of documents every month, from purchase orders to remittances.

Processing a high volume of documents can be overwhelming, and without an efficient solution, you can find that your employees spend excessive amounts of time on document management tasks. Our document management solution streamlines your document processes, reduces workload, and produces professional documents, to simplify processes for you.

What are the benefits of Document Management software

Improved accuracy

Reduce human error when inputting, processing, sending, and receiving documents for a more reliable process.

Streamline processes

Automated document delivery and file retrieval allows processes to be streamlined, freeing up time for employees to focus on other areas.

Go paperless

Go paperless by scanning, barcoding, and importing documents with drag-and-drop functionality to store them electronically.

Save time, reduce errors

Our document management solution is a user friendly and cost-effective way to manage and capture both outbound and incoming documents. With a variety of automated features, accuracy is significantly improved, and more time is freed up for employees to spend on other tasks.

Business Intelligence Key Features

Distribute outgoing documents

Safely send documents in batches or individually via email, allowing for documents to be distributed quickly and efficiently.

Capture incoming documents

Scan and import documents straight to your ERP solution with ease, including multi-page and batch documents.

Invoice payments

Enable a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices for customer convenience and to get paid faster.

Purchase invoice recognition

Lengthy invoice tasks can be automated, creating a better streamlined and accurate process.

Online portal

Allow customers and staff to securely access your ERP solutions data and documents from the centralised portal.

Mobile capture

Manage business documents from any location and capture documents with your mobile device, ideal for staff working remotely.

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