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Sage CRM Training

Sage CRM Training

Maximise sales opportunities by understanding how to best utilise Sage CRM with training from the experts.

Sage CRM

We work closely with you to create a tailored training programme. Designed to help users maximise use of your CRM system, our Sage experts will run through the features and functionality your business will find most beneficial to improve processes, increase efficiency, and maximise sales opportunities.

It’s essential to have training for your Sage CRM software to help reduce mistakes made by human error, and to minimise business disruption.

How our Sage CRM training can help

Increased Efficiency

Improve productivity by giving your teams the information they need to get the greatest benefits from the system.

Improved Accuracy

Automate processes and easily share information between departments to improve accuracy.

You’re in Control

You’ll gain full visibility and control of your Sage CRM system once training has been completed.

Reduced Disruptions

Get the tools and insights right away, with no need to trial and error your way through the system.

Insights and Tips

Benefit from hints and tips from Sage CRM experts, helping your teams better understand best practices.

Designed around you

Our Sage training programmes are designed on your business needs and challenges for maximum ROI.

Sage CRM training tailored to you

At Techsol Group, our training programmes are completely adaptable to meet your business needs. We work closely with you to decide the topics and information that users will find most beneficial based on how your business wants to use the system.

Providing on-site training as either full or half days, or breaking up virtual training sessions into manageable chinks, we can organise a structure based on what works best for you. Our Sage CRM experts can also point you in the direction of additional resources should you like extra information.

If you have a larger team, we usually recommend on-site training as it creates a higher degree of engagement, with the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions with a solutions expert.

To complement your training detailed manuals can also be provided on request.

Sage CRM training costs

Only pay for what you need. Training days will be estimated and included when we quote for a new project, but you’ll only be charged for the days you use. Ad hoc training days can also be scheduled as and when needed.

We like to keep our costs competitive at Techsol Group, and believe we add extra value through the high standards of our customer services and quality of our knowledge. As a Sage Platinum Partner, you can trust our experts to deliver up-to-date and informed training services.

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