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Hybrid working with Microsoft 365

Hybrid working with Microsoft 365

Providing secure, flexible, and reliable solutions to revolutionise the way you work.

Hybrid working
with Microsoft 365

Benefit from improved communication, collaboration, and productivity with Microsoft365. By utilising cloud-based applications, your employees can work effectively on projects no matter whether they are at home or in the office.

Video calls, real-time collaboration on documents, and instant chats are all Microsoft 365 features that makes hybrid working that much easier.

With built-in security features, business and customer data is kept safe against cyber attacks.

Hybrid solutions for modern businesses

Our cyber security solutions offer an alerting system to let our technical team know if your IT security isn’t working effectively or if an update has failed so that we can take action. This allows our team to target the issue as soon as possible before it escalates.

Improved flexibility

Cloud-based applications ensures 365 tools can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Better communication and collaboration

Send emails and messages, or host video calls, to communicate effectively on projects.

Protected information

Microsoft 365 users benefit from built-in security features, ensuring data stays protected.

Manageable monthly subscription

With a monthly cost and no hidden fees, benefit from modern hybrid tools.

Transition your business to hybrid working

To fully understand how your business can make the best use of Microsoft 365 tools for hybrid working, we’ll work closely with you to assess your IT infrastructure and processes. From our assessment, we will recommend either Business Basic, Business Standard, or Business Premium Microsoft 365 software, along with other potential suggestions to create a successful hybrid working environment.

Once a solution has been agreed upon, together with your input, we’ll create an implementation plan to ensure a seamless move across to Microsoft 365 applications.

How can Hybrid working benefit my business?

Ideal for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to manage their own cloud infrastructure, IaaS provides a number of key benefits.

With a predictable monthly cost, IaaS can help businesses budget and manage finances more efficiently while improving reliability. As cloud services are distributed over multiple data centres and always running on the latest version, businesses can harness the capabilities of the most up-to-date cloud solution.

IaaS also helps businesses reduce their reliance with on-premise servers and infrastructure management, modernising processes for a more dynamic operation.

Hybrid cloud

Moving all data to the Cloud isn’t always an option for businesses. Some legacy systems need to remain on-premise.

A hybrid solution places each of your IT applications in their ideal environment. By adopting a hybrid approach, you maintain all of your IT systems whilst taking advantage of cloud services.

Hybrid cloud solutions also deliver greater flexibility, supporting both remote and office-based workers. By implementing a scalable hybrid cloud solution, your business can control the scalability of the system, whether you’d like increases or decreases in storage capacity.