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Upgrading from Sage 50

Upgrading from Sage 50

Spending too much time on manual data entry and spreadsheets?

Why should I upgrade
from Sage 50?

Sage 50 is renowned for being a great entry level accounting software package and is widely used by small businesses in the UK. However, as your company grows, business needs usually evolve beyond Sage 50’s capabilities, leading to a mismatch between the software and your changing business requirements.

Techsol Group can offer a range of alternative Sage solutions to Sage 50 that can provide more robust features and support for growing organisations who need more advanced financial and operational functions.

Why upgrade from Sage 50?


Seamlessly transition to a platform designed to support your business’s growth and evolving needs.


Say goodbye to the limitations of Sage 50. Gain access to advanced reporting, multi-entity support, project accounting, and more, empowering smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

Integration and

Connect effortlessly with your existing systems and automate tedious tasks. Streamline processes, reduce errors, and free up time for strategic initiatives with seamless integration and automation capabilities.

the cloud

Experience the freedom and security of the cloud. Gain anytime, anywhere access to your system, automatic updates, and robust security.

Signs it's time to upgrade

As companies grow, they often find that they exceed the capabilities of Sage 50, especially in terms of transaction volume, users, and complexity.

Signs that it’s time to upgrade from Sage 50 include:

  • Company growth, resulting in higher transaction volumes and more intricate reporting needs

  • Insufficient audit trails, leading to an increased risk of errors and discrepancies

  • Spending considerable time on manual data entry and spreadsheets for complex calculations and reporting

  • Your team requires flexible, remote access to systems

  • Your business would benefit from a more stable solution, with a lower IT overhead

With multiple solutions designed for growing businesses that need extra functionality, we can plan an upgrade path for you.

Choosing the right solution

Selecting the solution best suited to your business needs is crucial for optimising efficiency, maximising productivity, and achieving sustainable growth.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct revolutionises financial management for businesses of all sizes spanning a wide range of sectors.

With its comprehensive features, real-time reporting and seamless integration, Sage Intacct is particularly well suited to Professional Services, Healthcare, Software (SaaS), Digital Advertising and Media, Financial Services, Franchises, Hospitality, and Not-for-Profits.
Unlike Sage 50’s on-premises model, Sage Intacct offers greater flexibility and accessibility, allowing users to manage their finances anytime, anywhere. Its robust automation features streamline processes, reducing manual errors and freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives.
Over 50% of Sage Intacct customers have switched from Sage 50 to help manage their multi-entities, multi-currencies, and drive productivity and efficiency through automated processes.
Sage Intacct empowers businesses to scale efficiently and adapt to changing market dynamics, making it the superior choice for businesses prioritising growth and greater financial control.

Sage 200

Sage 200 offers a comprehensive solution for small to medium-sized enterprises, simplifying financial management, inventory control, and business intelligence.

Its flexibility, customisation and modular design makes Sage 200 an ideal solution for Professional Services, Warehousing, Retail, Distribution, Construction, and Manufacturing.
The software addresses common issues such as slow processes, workarounds, and database strain, while effortlessly scaling as companies grow, providing real-time insights.
With flexible deployment options, including Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional, tailored to different business needs, Sage 200 adapts seamlessly, enhancing productivity and facilitating smoother workflows.
With advanced features for project management and CRM, Sage 200 is an optimal solution for scaling businesses outgrowing the constraints of Sage 50.

Migration options

There are a variety of migration paths to choose from when looking to upgrade from Sage 50. With a range of products that will help businesses improve accuracy, flexibility, and productivity, Sage has a full suite of solutions that can be tailored to your business.

Working closely with you to understand how your business operates and the challenges you face, we can advise you on the most suitable upgrade path. Whether you’re looking for advanced integrations, powerful reporting tools, or a system that can scale alongside your business, we can customise a solution to meet your needs.

Partnering with Sage for over 20 years, our expert team have a wealth of experience in migrating businesses from Sage 50.

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