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Opera 3 SQL SE

Opera 3 SQL SE

The benefits of traditional Opera 3 SQL SE but in the cloud

What is Opera 3

Access a complete ERP business solution online, at any time, from anywhere by moving to Opera 3 SQL SE hosted in the cloud.

Opera 3 SQL SE gives you all the benefits of the traditional solution, but without the added cost of purchasing or maintaining network hardware, software, or data storage. These all become part of a service that you can pay for on a monthly basis.

The benefits of Opera 3 SQL SE

Easily share

Access your business data at any time from anywhere, ideal for a mobile workforce.

Security and

Your data will be hosted in the UK with backups to a second UK-based data centre.

Reduce your total cost
of ownership

With no large capital investment is required, just a monthly operational payment.

Flexibility to

Opera 3 is scalable, new users and applications can be added quickly and easily to support business growth.

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Designed to eliminate manual processes and to give businesses total visibility and control over their processes, Opera 3 SQL SE allows businesses to make accurate and informed decisions.

Designed for businesses

We know that every business is unique and has their own goals and challenges, Opera 3 SQL SE is designed to be easily customised to fit your individual business requirements.

Being modular based Opera 3 SQL SE gives you the flexibility to choose the functionality that your business needs, giving you greater control and the option to add further functionality down the line as your business grows.

If you don’t, your competition will

Early adopters of the cloud know how quick and easy it is to scale up their IT requirements as your business grows, enabling them to get new products to market quicker. They don’t just avoid capital costs but also delays in decision-making when it comes to replacing legacy systems to increase productivity.

To get ahead of the competition, sales staff need instant access to information when meeting potential clients, especially when bidding for contracts. Likewise, managers need access to analytics and statistical information in order to help make better decisions.



Bill of materials

Project accounting

Supply chain

Business intelligence

Opera 3 SQL SE training

Investing in staff training is crucial for businesses that aim to grow and develop. Whether it’s new user training, refreshing training on new features and functions, or making the most of your Pegasus software solution, Techsol Group can assist you.

Techsol Group has been awarded with the Pegasus Centre of Excellence award for our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Pegasus products including Opera 3 SE, outstanding sales and aftercare service, and excellence. You can rest assured that our knowledge of Opera 3 is unparalleled.

Opera 3 SQL SE support

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and what might be a critical issue for you won’t be to someone else, which is why we prioritise customer support needs based on severity to the business in question. If an issue can’t be dealt with remotely, we’ll be more than happy to conduct a site visit to ensure the problem gets resolved.

Our support team always endeavours to fix any issues while you’re on the phone, alternatively, you can log a support ticket via email if you would like us to contact you.

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