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Upgrading to Sage 200

Upgrading to Sage 200

Unify your business operations within a single intuitive system.

Upgrading to
Sage 200

Save time, improve productivity, and improve cash-flow by upgrading to Sage 200. With its use of automation, tasks are carried out more accurately and correct information can be easily shared between departments, from accounts, to sales and marketing, improving communication across the board.

If you’re using Sage 50cloud or Xero, you may be feeling growing pains as your business processes become more complex, Sage 200 has a wealth of functionality that goes beyond a simple accounting solution.

With core modules that range from Payment Processing to CRM, Sage 200 is a unified solution that streamlines business operations. With a host of additional integrations that can transform Sage 200 into a powerful tool that orchestrates inter-departmental processes, it’s an ideal solution for growing businesses.

Is it the right time to upgrade to Sage 200?

If you think your business processes could be streamlined with help from a fully functional ERP solution, then it might be time for an upgrade. With advanced reporting, document management, and enhanced stock control capabilities, Sage 200 has no end to possibilities.

Volume of Transactional Data/Users

As Sage 50cloud only has a maximum transaction limit of 1.5 million, you may find your business is reaching that number more quickly as it grows. Sage 200 has a maximum of 9 million transactions, a significant rise from Sage 50cloud’s 1.5million. Additionally to this, Sage 200 can support an unlimited number of users. This means the system can effectively scale with your business, including scaling with your team as well.


Sage 200 plays host to a library of third-party integrations, each designed to streamline different processes. From automated document management to advanced credit control, the additions available can work for a variety of departments to improve productivity, save time, and improve cash-flow.

Sage CRM

As a Sage 200 integration, Sage CRM has been designed to better manage customer data, and improve sales processes. With further functionalities that can be added, including marketing functions, information can be shared securely and accurately between departments to create a fully connected system.


As businesses grow and teams grow, you may not want all users to have access to all accounting and finance information and workflows. With Sage 200, individual users can have their own permissions set to make sure junior members of the team don’t have access to more sensitive information. It also allows senior staff to authorise payments remotely, so business doesn’t halt if they’re out of the office.

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