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Opera 3 Integrations

Opera 3 Integrations

Accelerate your business performance with Opera 3

Opera 3

Techsol Group offer a number of software integrations such as Auto Enrolment, Web Xchange and XRL Reporting that integrate seamlessly into Opera 3.

By integrating these solutions you can make your business more efficient by being able to manage additional business processes without the need to leave Opera 3. Integrating solutions does not only make your business more efficient but also improves accuracy as you will not need to work between two disparate systems.

Auto Enrolment

Opera 3 Payroll caters for workplace auto enrolment as standard, integrating with many different pension providers including NEST, so you can send pension contributions and information electronically. Opera 3 Payroll is also HMRC RTI and PAYE compliant, to offer you a complete peace of mind.

Opera 3 Payroll fully integrated with other Opera 3 modules or can be purchased as a standalone solution.

Web Xchange

Mobilise your workforce with Pegasus Web Xchange, a secure and easy way to access Opera 3 data on the go, on any device. With access to Mobile Sales, Payroll Self Service and Online Timesheets you can improve your business efficiency, performance and empower your employees.

Download Opera 3 SQL SE brochure

Designed to eliminate manual processes and to give businesses total visibility and control over their processes, Opera 3 SQL SE allows businesses to make accurate and informed decisions.

XRL Reporting

Pegasus XRL Excel reporting integration is an award-winning reporting tool, designed to help businesses easily extract meaningful information from their system, to be able to access and analyse insights into the performance of their business.

Pegasus XRL is a powerful tool which links Opera 3 directly into Microsoft Excel®, enabling you to import live financial data into the familiar spreadsheet format, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. With advance drilldown capabilities Pegasus XRL provides fast, reliable, and real-time information to assist with more informed decision making.

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