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We offer development services to customise your solutions, because one size doesn't fit all.


Techsol Group offer development services because one size doesn’t always fit all. As well as the core functionalities of your chosen solution, additional modules can be added and customised to make your solution work more effectively for your business.

Tailored solutions will help your business meet its goals more effectively, as they streamline your processes in a way that suits your business most. Whether you’re looking to improve cash flow, increase productivity, or gain greater control over operations, we can customise your system to fit your needs.

How our customisation services can help

Increase functionality

Increase control and efficiency with streamlined operations from a fully functional business system.

Tailored to you

We work closely with you to understand your business process and tailor a solution that better meets your needs.

Improved efficiency

By streamlining processes through the use of automation, productivity is increased, leaving more time to focus on other tasks.

Best practices

Our experts always follow best practices to ensure your system works as it should, and meets your business requirements.

Adaptable for your needs

If down the line you would like even more functionality, or you change any processes, we can reconfigure your system to match.

Overcome challenges

With a customised solution tailored specifically for your business, the challenges you face can be overcome more effectively.

What can I expect?

Our development team ensures that any business risk when implementing processes or modules is mitigated as far as possible, through detailed testing and clear sign-off procedures. The modular approach we take allows for projects to be implemented around your current workloads, without the need for disruption to your operations.

We pride ourselves on our unique development approach of working in open partnership with our customers, arranging scoping meetings and documenting the works required to ensure that we’re understanding and provide complete transparency throughout the project.

Why Choose Techsol Group?

At Techsol Group, we work with industry leading partners to deliver best of breed digital transformation technologies. Our development services range from bespoke additional modules to simple added fields, and third-party add-ons.

With a team of accredited developers and support technicians, we ensure your new technology is flawlessly implemented and expertly configured.

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