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Sage Intacct Pricing

Sage Intacct Pricing

Tailor your solution to your unique business requirements

How much does
Sage Intacct cost?

If you are looking for a cloud-based accounting and financial management solution that can grow with your business, look no further than Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is a best-of-breed software that offers core financials, advanced modules, and industry-specific features to help you streamline your processes, improve your visibility, and drive your growth.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding the pricing structure of a software solution is crucial to making an informed decision. Sage Intacct’s pricing models, plans, and features, help you navigate through the options available and ultimately select the one that aligns best with your organisation’s needs and budget.

Sage Intacct follows a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model, which means that you pay an annual subscription fee to access the software online. The subscription fee includes the hosting of the software, the software functionality, and access to any upgrades.

Sage Intacct Pricing Options

Sage Intacct offers three pricing options: Essentials, Pro, and Bespoke. Each option includes different modules and features, depending on your business requirements and preferences. The price of Sage Intacct varies depending on your specific needs and requirements. Some of the factors that influence the cost of Sage Intacct are:

• The number of users and user access levels
• The number of modules and features you need
• The number of business entities and currencies you manage
• The level of integration and customisation you require
• The type of support and training you need

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Essentials

Sage Intacct Essentials option is designed for businesses that need basic accounting and financial management functionality and includes a limited number of users. It includes the following modules:
General Ledger: This module covers journal entries, allocations, and customisable reporting.
Accounts Payment and Receivable: This module allows you to manage multiple currencies and exchange rates in your transactions and reports.
Order Entry: This module enables you to manage quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices as well as real-time visibility into inventory levels and order statuses.
Purchasing: This module enables you to generate purchase requisitions and create purchase orders as well as tracking approvals and monitoring vendor performance.
Vendor Payments: This module enables you to create and manage multiple business entities within your organisation.
The Essentials options start from around £6.5k per annum.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Pro

Sage Intacct Pro option is suitable for scale-ups and growing businesses that need more advanced functionality and flexibility. It includes all the modules from the Essentials option, plus extra business users and the ability to add the following modules:
Project Accounting: This module helps you track and manage your projects, from costing and billing to revenue recognition and reporting.
Inventory Management: This module helps you manage your inventory levels, costs, and movements across multiple locations and warehouses.
Contract and Subscription Billing: This module helps you automate your billing processes for recurring or complex contracts and subscriptions.
Multi-Entity and Global Consolidations: This module helps you consolidate multiple entities and subsidiaries across different currencies and jurisdictions.
The Pro options starts from around £12k per annum.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Bespoke

Sage Intacct Bespoke option is ideal for large enterprises that need customised solutions and integrations. It includes all the modules from the Pro option, plus the following modules:
Revenue Management: This module helps you comply with the latest revenue recognition standards and automate your revenue recognition processes.
Dynamic Allocations: This module helps you allocate costs and revenues across different segments of your business based on predefined rules.
Fixed Assets: This module helps you manage your entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition and depreciation to disposal and reporting.
The Bespoke version is quoted on a project by project basis

Ready to scale your business?

Designed for scaling businesses, Sage Intacct is industry-leading software that keeps your organisation agile.

To learn more about Sage Intacct and how it can help your business grow, watch the Sage Intacct video or download the brochure below.

What does it cost? Pricing example

Given the modular nature of Sage Intacct, providing a precise cost without understanding your business needs presents a challenge. However, we recognise the importance of offering an estimate to help you plan your budget effectively. Below, we outline several pricing scenarios for Sage Intacct tailored to our common customer profiles. Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and your actual costs may differ depending on your business’s unique requirements.

Licenses No Of Users Cost Per Year
Sage Intacct Editions Essentials 2 £6,570 (+VAT)*
Sage Intacct Editions Pro 3 £10,147 (+VAT)*
Sage Intacct Custom 6 £18,090 (+VAT)*

*Pricing examples given are not inclusive of support fees and implementation costs

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