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Sage 200 Professional

Sage 200 Professional

Simplifying complex business processes and connect every aspect of your business within a single, unified system.

Sage 200

Sage 200 Professional streamlines lengthy business processes to help users gain greater control over day-to-day operations.

From project accounting to document management, you benefit from tools that orchestrate whole processes, freeing up valuable time that can be focused on other business areas.

Freedom to achieve your objectives

Automate your processes

Improve accuracy, and boost productivity by utilising key modules and integrations, such as credit control and advanced reporting that automate daily processes.

Your solutions, your way

Mix and match modules and integrations to fit with your business needs. Whatever business challenges you face, Sage 200 Professional can be tailored to solve them.

Improve business analysis

Make business decisions more efficiently than ever before with access to advanced reporting modules and integrations. With customisable dashboards, find the information your decisions need.

Overcome complex challenges

With a fully integrated business system, complex processes can be simplified through automation. From credit management to e-commerce integration, daily operations are streamlined so more time can be focused on creating the strategies that will propel your business forward.

Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Professional

With more advanced modules and integrations available, Sage 200 Professional has been designed for businesses with complex processes. By unifying a variety of business functions within a single system, users gain greater operational control and visibility.

Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard delivers improved functionality for businesses looking to upgrade their current ERP system. With a variety of modules to help streamline business processes and increase efficiency, more time can be spent on other essential tasks.

Sage 200 Professional Core Modules


Streamline manufacturing processes from start to finish with automation.

Project Accounting

Control costs and maximise profits by analysing the detail of every project you manage.


Expertly manage every element of your supply chain to keep costs down and manage customer expectations.

Business Intelligence

Strategise effectively and identify key trends with Business Intelligence, helping you make more informed business decisions.

Bill of Materials

Streamline your bill of materials processes with automated tools that give you control from beginning to end.


Understand your customers in more detail with an integrated CRM module to maximise sales.

Sage 200 Comparison

Every business operates differently, which is why Sage 200 can be configured to meet your exact business needs. From core financials to manufacturing modules, we have a solution to help overcome the daily obstacles your business faces.

Sage 200 Standard

For businesses needing a solution to help them grow their business further:

Core financial functions and stock management for greater business control
Manage your business on the move through the cloud
Create and assess dynamic data insights through Excel
Reduce complexities with bank feeds
Update and delete records quickly with built in reports
Simple dashboards with customisable views for finding relevant information quickly
Manage and pay suppliers directly from the system

Sage 200 Professional

For businesses looking to scale. Includes all features of Sage 200 Standard and additional features

Advanced integrations with additional modules
Projects can be linked with amounts to offer greater visibility and control
Up to 20 accounting periods
Unlimited users
Multicurrency reporting options

Sage 200 Professional Common Questions

What is Sage 200 Professional?

Sage 200 Professional is an advanced business management solution designed for growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides a comprehensive suite of integrated modules, including finance, sales, purchasing, stock management, manufacturing, project accounting, and more. Sage 200 Professional offers robust features and scalability to support complex business processes and increasing operational demands.

What features are included in Sage 200 Professional?

Sage 200 Professional offers a wide range of features, including:
• Financial Management: General ledger, accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, budgeting, multi-currency support, and advanced financial reporting.
• Sales and Marketing: Sales order processing, CRM, opportunity management, advanced pricing, and marketing campaigns.
• Purchasing: Purchase order processing, supplier management, requisitions, and approval workflows.
• Stock Control: Comprehensive inventory management, stock valuation, warehouse management, and advanced stock forecasting.
• Manufacturing: Bill of materials, works orders, production planning, resource allocation, and capacity planning.
• Project Accounting: Tracking project costs, budgeting, resource management, and profitability analysis.
• Business Intelligence: Advanced reporting and analysis tools, dashboards, and customisable KPIs for data-driven insights.
Integration and Customisation: Integration with other systems and customization options to tailor the solution to specific business needs.

Is Sage 200 Professional suitable for my business?

Sage 200 Professional is designed for growing SMEs with more complex business requirements. If your business needs advanced functionality in areas like finance, sales, purchasing, stock control, manufacturing, and project accounting, Sage 200 Professional can provide the scalability and flexibility to meet those needs. It caters to a wide range of industries and can be adapted to fit various business models.

Can Sage 200 Professional be accessed remotely or in the cloud?

Sage 200 Professional is an on-premise solution and requires a server, however as an IT solutions provider, depending on your IT set-up, we can look to host Sage 200 Professional for you in the cloud. Cloud hosting options enable remote access to Sage 200 Professional, allowing you flexibility and accessibility from different locations and devices.

Can Sage 200 Professional handle specific industry requirements?

Yes, Sage 200 Professional is suitable for a wide variety of industries, however, it is particularly well suited to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail and construction companies.

How much does Sage 200 Professional cost?

Sage 200 Professional is a SaaS solution, pricing is based on the amount of user licences and modules your business needs. Fees are charged via monthly subscription.

Sage 200 Industry Insights

Sage 200 Updates & End of Life

Make sure you are running the latest version of Sage 200, every Autumn, Sage places older versions of Sage 200 into ‘extended support’, and another version reaches ‘end of life’ status.

Sage 200 Standard FAQs

In the fast-paced and highly competitive landscape of the manufacturing industry, businesses need efficient and reliable software solutions to streamline their operations.

What does a good chart of accounts look like?

A well-structured Chart of Accounts is the foundation of effective financial management for any business.

Frustrated with your financial system?

In the fast-paced and highly competitive landscape of the manufacturing industry, businesses need efficient and reliable software solutions to streamline their operations.

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