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Features and benefits of Sage 200 Standard

Accounting Solutions

With there being such an array of accounting solutions available for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB’s), it can sometimes be overwhelming to have so many options available.

For businesses seeking a step-up from Sage 50 without the complexity of Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard is an ideal stepping stone and offers many enhanced features and functionality that can improve business processes in a simple to deploy, cost effective, and all-inclusive package.

It’s on the cloud, all of it…

Remote working has proved to be a popular and often cost-effective option for many businesses. With this, Sage has designed their 200 Standard product to be true cloud, allowing for this solution to be accessed at any time, and in any place. Additionally, because Sage 200 Standard is true cloud based, it will always be running the latest version. Not only will this save valuable time for you and your team as there will be no need to install lengthy system updates, it will also be safer against potential cyber threats as businesses with outdated software are more likely to be targeted.

The installation of Sage 200 Standard is an easy and seamless process, due to it being true cloud. With no need to buy a costly server and associated ongoing fees, Sage 200 Standard can be set-up in minutes, all that’s needed is an email to register.


Whilst Sage 50 has some integration capabilities, Sage 200 Standard can integrate with a selected range of products and also has API links, allowing businesses to benefit from increased functionality and a system that scales in line with their needs.

As with other true cloud applications, integrations with Microsoft Office 365 will offer specialist Excel reporting that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, whilst integrated invoice payments will make it easier for your business to be paid more quickly, and for you to pay suppliers more efficiently.

Additional functionality for Sage 200 Standard can be added on top of the basic functionality already built into the system, so it can be tailored to your business needs, scaling with your business and offering a more robust system for your investment.

More in-depth analysis

With advanced reporting and data analysis via Excel, Sage 200 Standard delivers the tools businesses need to make critical decisions. Improving upon Sage 50’s reporting capabilities, Sage 200 Standard’s reporting features offer comprehensive, automated reports across all ledgers, providing a more dynamic insight into your data.

As well as this, Sage 200 Standard provides visual dashboards and ledger summaries to consolidate important data that can be understood at a glance, allowing users to quickly assess whether everything is as it should be, or whether there seem to be inconsistencies.

Furthermore, departmental analysis allows for data to be broken down by department, offering greater insights into specific departmental areas. This allows certain business areas to more easily access the information that is most significant to them.

Improved functionality

As you would expect with an upgrade in software, Sage 200 Standard delivers improved functionality to make day-to-day business operations quick and efficient. A few examples of the extra functionality Sage 200 Standard offers are listed below:

  • Manage and pay suppliers from the software
  • Improved procurement / purchasing functionality
  • Bill of Materials
  • More advanced sales / purchase order pressing procedure
  • More in-depth stock control

Benefits of the improved functionality offered by Sage 200 Standard means that businesses are able to create more seamless business processes, and have everything in a single system, reducing the need for costly disparate systems that can’t scale in line with business needs.

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Techsol Group will be at the South West Business Expo

Techsol Group invites you to join us at the South West Business Expo, taking place at the Westpoint Arena in Exeter on Thursday 18th April 2024.

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