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Sage 200 Professional Training

Sage 200 Professional Training

Fully utilise each function of Sage 200 Professional with training from Sage experts.

Sage 200 Professional

Benefit from a comprehensive training programme tailored to your business needs. There is no end to the importance of training to use a fully functional ERP solution, which is why we design our training plans based on what’s best for your business, helping you maximise productivity and improve accuracy of tasks.

Whether you want on-site training, virtual training, or focused sessions in bite-sized chunks, we work closely with your business to create a training plan that will help you and your employees fully utilise your Sage 200 Professional solution.

How our Sage 200 Professional training can help

Increased Efficiency

Improve efficiency by gaining the insights that will help you and your employees fully utilise your Sage solution.

Improved Accuracy

By using step-by-step processes and automating key tasks, errors are reduced.

You’re in Control

Staying in control of the features you’d like to be trained on and when, once trained, you’ll also be in full control of your system.

Reduced Disruptions

Instead of trial and error-ing your way through Sage 200 Professional, get trained by the experts to minimise disruption.

Insights and Tips

Gain the insights and tips from Sage professionals to understand how to get the most from your software.

Fits around your schedule

The training we provide is designed around you, so you have a say in what, how, and when you want to be trained.

Sage training tailored to you

At Techsol Group, our training programmes are tailored to meet your business requirements. We work closely with you to decide what you should be trained on, how training should be given, and when training should be provided. This way, we ensure your business is getting the maximum benefit from its investment.

Providing on-site training as either a half or full day, or virtual training delivered in manageable chunks, there are a number of options available based on what suits your business.

If you require further training resources, our Sage experts will be more than happy to point you in the direction of useful links and additional materials.

Sage training costs

Only pay for what you need. Training days are initially calculated when quoting for a new project, however if you use less days, only pay for what you have used. Ad hoc training can also be purchased as and when needed.

At Techsol Group, we like to think our costs are competitive, and believe we add extra value to your business through the extensive knowledge of our accredited Sage technicians. We also believe our level of customer service and support services are professional, efficient, and high quality.

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