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Wireless connectivity – Space2B

Wireless connectivity

Space2B at The Maltings is the ultimate divergent business hub, with a co-working space, serviced offices, and self-managed modern office suites in the heart of Cardiff. Featuring breakout spaces, private meeting rooms and even a gym, Space2B offers a fun yet professional environment that businesses can be a part of no matter what stage they are at. This thriving business hub has flexible leasing and 24/7 onsite support for innovative and growing businesses, all in a state-of-the-art Grade II listed Victorian malthouse

Their needs

Space2B at The Maltings met with Director, Nick Williams, to discuss their options. He recommended Sophos wireless access points as the most suitable solution due to features like time access, guest hotspots, outdoor usage, breakout area access, as well as for analytic data requests.

What Space2B said...

Our solution

There are now 10 Sophos wireless access points in use throughout Space2B at The Maltings covering a total of 25,000 square feet. Using Sophos Central, theTechsol Group team can quickly log in and see the status of the wireless points at Space2B, including the wireless load. They are also able to categorize the content users are viewing and manage capacity planning with the analytics data that is gathered.


Sophos wireless access points provide Space2B at The Maltings with stable and secure reliable wireless access provisions, regardless of how many people are accessing the network or where they are in the hub. Access to the analytics data was a key benefit to the management team at Space2B, as they are able to see how and where the Wi-Fi is being used, enabling them to make future decisions based on factual data.

Nick has spoken highly of his decision to recommend Sophos wireless access points following this experience and ongoing support received from Sophos, as well as the positive results and outcomes for his client, Space2B.


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February 8, 2023