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Remote working implementation – Lawray Architects


Remote working implementation

Lawray Architects provides its clients with Architectural, Construction (Design) and Management (CDM)/Health & Safety, Project Management and Building Information Management (BIM) services within the construction industry. The practice was established in 1974 and currently has three offices (Cardiff, London and Wrexham) employing 36 staff.


Through their constantly improving relationship with Techsol Group, they have radically transformed their business operations at all levels. Lawray is a well-oiled, holistic business, well capable of delivering on UK Government mandates for BIM, whilst greatly improving our ability to inter-communicate and extra-communicate / collaborate on our projects. This enables us to provide our clients with a higher quality service whilst improving our staff skills, capabilities, efficiencies, productivity and profitability.

Their needs

As the Covid pandemic hit Lawray Architects needed to change the way they worked and offer remote working for their staff. Due to their well-designed and structured IT infrastructure, which is also Cyber Essentials Standard certified, they were in a good place to take on COVID-19. Initially, all Lawray Architect staff were enabled to take their computers home and connect to their studios via their broadband routers and VPN connections. This enabled them to continue working, albeit at a slower pace than in the studios.

Techsol Group helped by setting up the necessary VPN connections and security requirements for all their staff. They did this quickly and efficiently and have continued helping Lawray Architects when they have any issues.

What Lawray Architects said...

Our solution

In July 2020 Lawray Architects invested heavily in new HP laptops and MS Surface Book devices for all staff to dynamically enable them to work any time, any place, anywhere, complete with full internet and VPN connectivity and the necessary security configurations.

Techsol Group was behind the supply and initial set-up of these devices, whilst their BIM manager ensured that all staff had the correct application software installed and configured. This took two months from the initial purchase order to delivery to each staff member.

This mobilisation has meant that staff can work anywhere and has also led to a broadening and flexing of when staff work – i.e., they are more able to work remotely and as long as they deliver the work and projects asked of them the business has run with this more flexible working method.


The new remote working setup helped their staff considerably, especially those with young children and other family-related dependencies during these difficult times.

This has enabled Lawray Architects to continue working almost as if COVID never happened and we continue to win new work, whilst not having to lay off staff or put them on Furlough.


Posted on

February 6, 2023