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Reliable voice services – Geraint John Planning


Reliable voice services

Geraint John Planning (GJP) provide expert town planning and development advice and services. They work on a diverse range of projects from residential to energy, ensuring the solutions they deliver are commercially and tactically aware.

Their needs

With an office move planned in which they would be relocating from a serviced office to managed offices, GJP needed a new phone system in place. Looking for a Managed Services Provider that could deliver reliable voice services, with a phone system and desktop phones for each employee, and the flexibility to update the phone system when required, it was essential they chose a provider that had a wealth of experience in this area.

What Geriant John Planning said...

Our solution

Understanding GJP’s needs, Techsol Group provided them with a cloud hosted VOIP telephone system, that is both flexible and configurable to their adapting needs. This telephone systems was installed, configured, live, and ready to go by the move-in day for GJP, meaning there was no business disruption on the day.


As covid hit and GJP moved to remote working, the voice services delivered meant that their desktop phones could be taken home. By simply plugging them in and connecting them to the internet, they work as they would in the office, with the same extension numbers and no lengthy set-up procedure. This meant they could still provide exceptional service to their customers, despite members of the business working from different locations.


Posted on

February 5, 2023