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What are the benefits of Credit Hound for Sage 200

Credit Hound

Credit Hound is an advanced award-winning credit management system that integrates seamlessly into Sage 200. The software is designed to help businesses improve their credit control through automation and reduced payment time. Credit Hound automates the credit control processes and is completely scalable, meaning it can be accessed and managed by a single user or by a whole team, making it ideal for businesses of any size. Credit Hound can help your business and employees work more proactively and reduce admin time allowing them to focus their productivity on other tasks. Credit Hound works with Sage 200, a software solution designed to give complete visibility over your finances, customers and business performance in one solution. You can easily share information across business departments, encouraging efficiency and informed working across your business.

Why credit control matters

Visibility and control over finances are essential for business success, allowing you to forward plan efficiently and to have awareness over all areas of your business costings. Managing your business’s credit control means making sure your invoices are paid on time. Many businesses implement payment terms, this should always be decided in conjunction with your business cash flow so you can stay on top of outgoings. For example, for a thirty-day payment term, this means your business would need sufficient funds within the thirty-day term to stay on top of all costs and outgoings while waiting for payments. Efficient credit control helps your business to avoid long term debts, something everyone wants to avoid. Late payments from customers can often leave businesses with insufficient funds, meaning late payments to your suppliers or the need to cut costs elsewhere in the business. With Credit Hound for Sage 200, you can improve your business’s credit control and gain complete oversight over your cash flow and finances.

Key software features of Credit Hound – Sage 200

Credit Hound is designed with businesses in mind and includes a range of features that can improve your credit control processes and help your business succeed:

Automate tasks: With the help of Credit Hound, you can reduce admin time by automating tasks, allowing your employees to spend more time on other activities, therefore increasing their productivity. Automate tasks such as payment reminders, placing accounts on hold and adding new tasks.

Dispute management: Payment disputes can be detrimental to your business’s credit control. Investing in a credit management system allows you to stay on top of all disputes and payment queries, keeping all information centralised and making it easy to see which accounts have payment delays, what the reason is for the delay and when the payment will be expected.

To do list: Organisation is essential when it comes to credit control. With multiple payments to chase and accounts to manage, it is easy for employees to lose track of payments without an efficient credit management software in place. Credit Hound provides a digital to-do list, allowing you to save on manual admin time and collating all payment information so you know exactly who to call and when regarding payments.

Fast payments: Slow or delayed payments can harm the efficiency of your business’s credit control. Fast pay allows you to implement a “pay now” button onto your payment communications so customers can pay securely, quickly and easily.

Reporting: Gain oversight on your business’s credit with access to detailed reports that are tailored to your business requirements. Track your credit control success over time and analyse the payment history of accounts so you can make credit plans for the future based on accurate and reliable data.

Chase screen: Credit Hound chase screen collates all the information you need regarding payments, allowing you to chase payments and access all client information such as recent communications, all on one screen.

Complete credit control with Sage 200

If you’re looking for a flexible credit management software system that allows for complete credit control, then Credit Hound could be what your business needs. Research has found that 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues and that businesses owners agree that cash flow is the number one risk for small businesses. Credit Hound allows you to stay in control of your credit, with multiple user access options tailored to suit the requirements of your business and employees. Full system users have complete access to all Credit Hound features from chasing payments to generating reports. Business intelligence user access is ideal for management staff, allowing users to generate reports, view the homepage and review accounts. Limited user access is designed with sales, administrative and customer service staff in mind, allowing users to add notes to transactions.

There are endless benefits for your business when you invest in Credit Hound for Sage 200. You can help your business save money and time through automation, improving the overall performance and efficiency of your business. Your employees can spend more time focussing on the bigger picture when it comes to credit control and less time on manual admin tasks, ensuring your business productivity is working at an optimal level. Automation of tasks can dramatically reduce the risk of human error, allowing your business to run accurately and keep a professional and reliable relationship with customers. With faster payments, you can improve your cash flow and with improved credit management comes a decrease in debts. This allows you to increase your business’ available funding and in turn enhance supplier relationships by improving your buying power.

Techsol Group is a Sage Platinum Partner and is committed to providing quality business management solutions that allow your business to improve in performance and efficiency. If you want to take control of your business credit with Credit Hound for Sage 200, contact us today to find the solution tailored to your business.

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