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Reports in Sage 200

Sage 200 offers a variety of reports for a diverse range of businesses. Whether you want to identify customer trends, pricing insights, and/or invoicing reports, Sage 200 has the capabilities to provide this information and so much more.

Financial reports

Financial reports are a key type of report offered by Sage 200. Providing detailed information about a business’ financial performance including sales, expenses, profitability, and cash flow, they allow businesses to track financial performance over a selected period of time. This means users can identify trends or potential areas of improvement to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Sales reports

As well as financial reporting, Sage also offers Sales reports. Sales reports provide detailed information about a business’ sales activity, including details on customer orders, invoices, and deliveries. These reports give businesses the ability to track performance, as well as identify trends or patterns in customer demand, resulting in more accurate forecasting and goal setting.

Project reports

Project reports provide detailed information on the progress and performance of projects, including information regarding budgets, costs, and milestones. Presenting businesses with the ability to track project progress, these reports are particularly useful for understanding time management, project costing, and budgeting trends to better manage cash-flow and customer expectations.

Custom reports

Sage 200 also offers custom reports, giving businesses the opportunity to have a variety of reports generated to match their needs. By creating tailored reports on specific data points and metrics relevant to individual businesses, the greater the knowledge about the business as a whole, and further areas of improvement to help boost productivity, profitability, and competitivity. Custom reports can be discussed and created with Sage 200 experts, to ensure you’re getting the exact data you need to make strategic decisions.

With so many reporting options in Sage 200, as each area can be broken down into individual reports specific to customers, suppliers, invoices etc, business leaders can make better-informed decisions about the direction to take their business. Providing valuable insights into the performance and health of a business, goals can be set more accurately, and improvements can be made to ensure the company is running as efficiently as possible.

For businesses wanting to understand more about how reporting in Sage 200 can benefit them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can offer further insights, advice, and information about reports, or any other feature of Sage 200. Feel free to call our expert Sage team on 03300 245447 or email

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