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Prepare for Christmas with managed stock takes in Sage 200

Efficiently and effectively manage your warehouse stock with Sage 200. Whether you have one warehouse or multiple warehouses, prepare for the Christmas rush more effectively.

There are many benefits to the managed stock takes the function of Sage 200, such as helping businesses work more efficiently, accurately, and improving capacity, which will be extremely helpful in making it through the Christmas rush with minimum hiccups.


Using managed stock takes in Sage 200 streamlines stock taking by automating key tasks and using logical step-by-step processes. With less manual data inputs needed, preparing stock sheets, entering stock counts, and dealing with discrepancies is much faster.

The functionality of Sage 200 supports many stock count processes, whether you want to conduct a full stock count, or count individual bins or items. Working in line with your specific stock take practices, you won’t necessarily have to adapt your operations to work around the Sage 200 system, the system will work around you.


Reduce errors with a variety of automations that make it quicker and easier to both prepare for, and complete, stock takes.

Prepare stock take sheets through your Sage 200 system by selecting the locations/items you want counted. These stock take sheets will be broken down into logical and manageable sections, meaning that no location goes unchecked or forgotten.

When stock counts have been completed and inputted into your system, newly counted stock will automatically be compared against expected stock, and a discrepancies report will be generated. This means your team won’t have to manually compare actual and expected results, reducing human errors and improving the process.


As a result of using Sage 200 to manage stock counts, your warehouse can work to a greater capacity. With automated and streamlined operations, stock takes can be completed more quickly and accurately, meaning that workloads can be increased without putting additional pressure on your warehouse operatives.

With the ability to increase workloads, orders can be picked and dispatched more quickly, not only improving the customer experience, but also resulting in increased capacity of your warehouse, and helping to improve efficiencies for busy seasons including Christmas.

Further Enhancements

To further streamline stock counting processes, particularly when preparing for the busy Christmas period, advanced warehouse management solutions can integrate with your Sage 200 software. Using modern barcoding technology, product barcodes can be scanned to count stock which will then be automatically inputted into your Sage solution, reducing the need for printed stock sheets and manually writing down product codes. Not only does this process make stock takes a much more efficient operation, but it also massively improves accuracy and can help increase the capacity of your warehouse even further.

There are many ways to improve efficiency, accuracy, and capacity in your warehouse with Sage 200. If you would like to understand more about how the software can work better for your business to improve productivity and improve cash-flow, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our friendly team on 03300 245447 or email, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Techsol Group will be at the South West Business Expo

Techsol Group invites you to join us at the South West Business Expo, taking place at the Westpoint Arena in Exeter on Thursday 18th April 2024.

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