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Robust IT infrastructure – Pipers Farm


Robust IT infrastructure

Founded in 1989, Pipers Farm provides customers with sustainably sourced and ethically produced meat, dairy, and seafood, to customers across the UK. Working with 40 small-scale local farms, Pipers Farm believes in producing natural food in a way that has respect for the animal, respect for the farmer, and respect for the landscape.

With 4.87 stars out of 5 on, it’s essential for Pipers Farm to consistently meet the high expectations of their customers.

Their needs

Having grown from a smaller business that didn’t initially have the necessity for a robust IT infrastructure, Pipers Farm worked with a collection of disparate IT systems and used Google Mail as their primary email platform.

Now that the business has grown, to be able to service their customers effectively, Pipers Farm needed a greater synergy between their head office and packing locations. This meant investing in their IT systems to implement intuitive communication software, and ensuring they had robust antivirus and backup and recovery software to keep their customer data safe.

What Pipers Farm said...

Our solution – robust IT infrastructure

Techsol Group now provide Pipers Farm with antivirus, anti-ransomware, and disaster recovery software, as well as Office 365 and fully managed IT support, ensuring their business systems and technology continue to run as efficiently as possible.

Pipers Farm have also had touchscreen hardware installed to help better streamline their picking and packing processes.


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March 13, 2023