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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cyber Essentials Assessment

In today’s digital age, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against cyber threats has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. Amidst the evolving landscape of cyber security, the Cyber Essentials assessment is a foundational framework for strengthening defences. This blog explores the importance of Cyber Essentials in bolstering business cyber security and highlights the benefits of outsourcing this process.

Overview of the Cyber Essentials framework

The Cyber Essentials framework developed by the UK government provides a clear set of guidelines and best practices to mitigate common cyber threats. It offers a structured approach for businesses to assess their cyber security measures across various domains, including network security, access control, and malware protection.

By becoming Cyber Essentials certified, organisations can enhance their resilience against cyber threats and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding data.

While it is possible to complete a Cyber Essentials self-assessment, many businesses choose to outsource the process.

Advantages of outsourcing your assessment

Success rate

Outsourcing your Cyber Essentials assessment significantly increases your chances of passing on the first attempt, as it enables you to harness the knowledge and insights of an experienced partner. Techsol Group can help you avoid common challenges that businesses face when completing Cyber Essentials, such as creating and implementing a password policy, upkeep of antivirus solutions, and proactive management of end-of-life products.

Expertise and experience

Working with experienced professionals such as Techsol Group ensures that the evaluation is conducted thoroughly and accurately. As cyber security experts, we can identify vulnerabilities in your business’s security and also recommend and implement measures to address these weaknesses, a task that may pose challenges for individuals lacking technical expertise.

Time efficiency

Conducting an in-house Cyber Essentials assessment can be time-consuming and resource intensive. By outsourcing this task, you can streamline the process and allocate internal resources more efficiently, enabling you to focus on core business activities without compromising on cyber security.

How to choose the right Cyber Essentials assessment partner

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating potential assessment partners:


  • Look for assessment partners with proven expertise in cyber security and recognised credentials.
  • Research the track record and reputation of potential assessment partners. Choose partners with a demonstrated history of delivering high-quality assessments and customer service.
  • Choose assessment partners who prioritise collaboration and open communication throughout the assessment process. Establish clear lines of communication and ensure that the partner understands your organisation’s objectives, concerns, and constraints.

Cyber Essentials plays a critical role in strengthening business cyber security and mitigating the risk of cyber threats. By outsourcing the assessment process to proficient partners, organisations can leverage expertise, save time and resources, and enhance their overall security posture. When choosing a Cyber Essentials assessment partner, prioritise expertise, reputation, and collaboration to ensure a comprehensive and effective evaluation of your cyber security measures.

Whether it’s Cyber Essentials Standard or Plus, we can guide you through the assessment process and help you implement any necessary security measures.

If you have any questions about the Cyber Essentials scheme and how you can become certified, you can contact us on 03300 245447 or email

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