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How does an Epos solution enhance customer experience at tourist attractions?

Tourist Attractions

With tourist attractions reopening and welcoming customers back following the Covid-19 lockdown, it has further highlighted the importance of being able to service multiple outlets simultaneously. When managing a big site, more often than not, you may need to be in ‘two places at once’ whilst managing processes, employees, and schedules in between that. A tourist Epos solution can offer integrated solutions for ticketing, admissions, restaurants, bars, gift shops, and much more which means your tourist attraction can work successfully in unison

In this article, we are going to explore how an Epos solution can enhance the experience of your visitors, streamline your processes and integrate every element of your tourist attraction.

How does a Sage tourist Epos solution work?

At Techsol Group, we offer an Epos solution that specifically caters to the tourist attraction industry. Our solution is designed to service multiple outlets, such as admissions, gift shops and cafes, as well as booking management, queue management and customised till menus for the different outlet environments. By controlling multiple outlets though a single solution, your business can communicate more effectively.

Our solution has been designed with a user-friendly interface and built on a model of simplicity to understand and manage and to make it easy for you to train your operators. To streamline your business processes further, our solution has the power to link your tills to your accounts back office, website and stock control systems, to provide you with a powerful single integrated solution that enables you to make informed business decisions faster than ever.

Merge each aspect of your business on one platform

Our ePOS solution has an unrivalled level of integration with your Sage back office accounts, that is matched with industry specific features to meet the requirements of any theme park, farm attraction, castles, museums, historic sites and much more.

With powerful reporting, you can drill down into the details of every store, channel and point of sale or employee performance using real-time data. You can monitor the performance of your staff members, whilst making it easier for your customers to spend money with you by offering them a customised experience, through loyalty schemes and offers. From one location, you can instantly access and update information such as prices, stock levels, and customer information to your tills and your website.

You can easily link:

  • Your accounts software
  • Your tills
  • Your warehouses, stock rooms and inventory
  • Your websites and mobile apps
  • Your loyalty schemes and marketing automation
  • Plus much more …

Advanced ticketing & admissions

Purchasing and receiving tickets can be the first interaction your customers will have with your tourist attraction. This process will speak volumes to your customers about how your business operates and will determined the perception your visitors get of your brand and business. With a Sage ePOS solution, it is now easier than ever for your consumers to buy tickets. Upon arriving to your tourist attraction, your consumers can benefit from a number of admissions types; accommodating every category from annual passes to student and family passes.

Use your epos solution to streamline your offline and online ticketing.

Sell and print tickets from your admission office, redeem home-printed ticket or process QR codes to shorten the entry process. You can also easily forecast demand with detailed reporting and data that allows you to accurately schedule employees and staff requirements to reduce congestion and reduce the length of queues and waiting times.

Customer Management

Ensuring your customers are happy and that they have an enjoyable experience is the utmost priority when managing a tourist attraction. With a Sage Epos solution, you can set up customised menus and features for each area of your attraction, including special offers in cafes, promotions in gift shops and ticketing discounts. This can be tailored to your customers’ needs, so you can enrich their experience and encourage repeat customers through loyalty schemes. Gathering this customer information can also help you to enhance their experience even further by using this data to create personalised marketing and communications messages.

Designed to be agile as you grow with an epos solution

Our Sage ePOS solution is designed to grow with you as your business develops. Easily add more functionality or additional tills as your tourist attraction expands.

If you want to see your biggest challenges overcome by the power of integration, you can speak to our team today. You can request a demo which will be tailored to your requirements. Though our Epos solution is designed for ease of use, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will support you during the installation period and post implementation. If you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch today.

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Techsol Group will be at the South West Business Expo

Techsol Group invites you to join us at the South West Business Expo, taking place at the Westpoint Arena in Exeter on Thursday 18th April 2024.

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